Валиева М.Р. Кухонная утварь (на материале диалектов). Словарь. – Уфа, 2023. – 280 с. Страница 9.

9 IHLL (the Institute of History, Language and Literature), edited by the author, is used. For example, the dialect material collected by the linguist M.I. Dilmukhametov: Basically, the dictionary presents the direct meaning of kitchen utensils. In addition, an additional description of the sacral-symbolic and connotative semantics of some ritual objects is given. For example: *Бата аяғы – the first bowl of drink served to the host (i.e. when treating guests, the host must drink the drink served first). *Кейәү аяғы (инзер.) – the groom's bowl (a ritual object participating in the wedding ceremony); *Ҡунаҡ аяғы (миас.) – the last cup of tea, etc. In the Bashkir language, certain names of dishes are metaphorized, that is, they are used in a figurative sense, for example, *сеүәтә ‘bowl’ - shell. Some phrases with a component of the name of the dishes are terms of folk medicine, in particular, they refer to osteology and orthopedic terminology of chiropractors: *сеүәтә һөйәге – parietal bone; *тубыҡ сеүәтәһе - patellar cup. The names of dishes are also included in the cosmonyms – *Күнәк йондоҙ(о) – Aquarius, *Күнәк (йондоҙлоғо) – the Constellation of Aquarius, *Сүмес йондоҙ(о) – Ursa Major; phytonyms – *кәкүк сәрмәһе (lit. cuckoo's handbag) - Venus slipper; ichthyonyms – *сүмесбаш (lit. bucket-shaped head) – tadpole; terms of entomology – *тараҡан көбөһө (lit. cockroach buttermilk) – cockroach egg capsule etc. As far as possible, phraseological units, sobriquets, nicknames are given using the component of the name of the dishes: ◊ сеүәтә тибеү (lit. to kick the bowl) – to mess around; *иләк ауыҙ (lit. orphaned) – talker, *йоҡо сүлмәге – dormouse (lit. pot of sleep), etc. Such compound words with connotative semantics, formed with a component of the name of a dish, are marked with an asterisk (*) and are given in the right column after examples (sentences, phrases), phraseological units are marked with a rhombus (◊). The dictionary includes, in addition to the main part, a list of conditional abbreviations; two dictionary apps: Annex 1. Russian-Bashkir dictionary index; Annex 2. Photograph of the photo library of the Order of the Badge of Honor of the Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a list of references. АҠЫЙ (ср.-ур.) – чашка (фарфоровая белая чашка без узоров) – cup (white cup without patterns) Башҡорт теленең урта урал һөйләшендә биҙәкһеҙ аҡ сынаяҡты аҡый тип йөрөтәләр. М.И. Дильмухаметов.